Housekeeping, Deck Protection, Cargo Holds & Storage Areas

Accurate Marine Environmental, a Titan company, provides cleaning of decks, carpeted areas, toilets, bulkheads and overheads, galley, pantry, scullery, and other food preparation areas, and all areas of habitability.

Our well trained employees will vacuum and steam clean carpets, strip and wax floors, pressure wash and detergent clean your bilges. AME will professionally install deck protection such as plywood, herculite, taffeta, or Mil spec diamond tread rubber matting. All deck protection is removed at the end of the contract and our housekeeping employees will clean the areas back to original condition.

Accurate Marine, a Titan company, also provides cleaning of cargo holds and storage areas. We utilize floor cleaning & scrubbing machines and power vacuum units to remove loose debris while performing a detergent wash and vac of industrial by-products such as dirt, grease, oil, soot, etc. Hot/cold water pressure washers are used for cleaning overheads and bulkheads when such industrial by-products accumulate and adhere to these surfaces.



Accurate Marine Environmental, Inc.

3965 Burtons Point Road

Portsmouth, VA 23704

Phone: (757) 393-5840

Fax: (757) 393-5845


TERMINAL: Offices and waterfront facility are strategically located at 3965 Burtons Point Road, Portsmouth, Virginia. This allows us to quickly respond to and service our customer’s needs in the Port of Hampton Roads. Our newly renovated 350’+ pier is easily accessible for barges and other vessels to dock at our site for cleaning and gas freeing services.