Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Accurate Marine Environmental (AME), a Titan company, is an award winning Centralized Waste Treatment (CWT), subpart D facility that specializes in the processing and handling of non-hazardous wastewaters and oils for reclamation.

Our new facility has a wastewater storage capacity of 420,000 gallons that supplies the treatment plant. The goal of our staff is to assure our customers of a fast turnaround time, and the best reliable service. The facility boasts a customized 500 gpm, 20,000 gallon, quadruple basin oil and sand interceptor that combines oil water separation technology into the design to maximize the quality of the water before the treatment plant process begins. The waste oils that are quickly separated are then sent to our 40,000 gallon fuel storage depot for blending and recycling. The plant is also permitted to receive hazardous wastewaters that are categorized with RCRA classification D001 and D018. This designation allows disposal of the wastewaters generated in the cleaning of light fuel oil and gasoline tanks.

The wastewater treatment plant is designed to process 144,000 gallons per day by utilizing the most recent technology to meet the highly stringent water quality standards imposed in the CWT section of the Clean Water Act. The plant is fully automated to allow the operator to spend more time focusing on the water quality, and not just trying to balance the flows throughout the plant like the older systems. The plant is housed in a new energy efficient building that utilizes natural wall and sky lighting to limit the use of artificial lights. The building also maintains the staff offices, and the in-house laboratory.

AME’s facility is located in Portsmouth, Virginia on the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River, and at the entrance to Paradise Creek. (Latitude 36°48’02.03” Longitude 76°17’46.99”) Our new wastewater treatment plant and terminal can receive various sized ships and barges up to 600’ in length for cleaning and disposal operations, yet is also set up for tugboat servicing and smaller vessel receipt. The shore side of the facility is ready to handle multiple trucks at a time with our two high capacity centrifugal pump offload stations. The plant has a full service in-house laboratory and technician to analyze incoming waste streams to offer our clients the best economical solutions to their disposal needs.



Accurate Marine Environmental, Inc.

3965 Burtons Point Road

Portsmouth, VA 23704

Phone: (757) 393-5840

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TERMINAL: Offices and waterfront facility are strategically located at 3965 Burtons Point Road, Portsmouth, Virginia. This allows us to quickly respond to and service our customer’s needs in the Port of Hampton Roads. Our newly renovated 350’+ pier is easily accessible for barges and other vessels to dock at our site for cleaning and gas freeing services.